Riverside lice treatment

Lice Treatment Riverside

For lice treatment Riverside has one of the top solutions in our local Lice Clinics of America location in nearby Temecula. With over 850,000 successful treatments in our clinics across America, we use cutting-edge technology to completely resolve lice infestations in the hair of both children and adults.

Our caring, capable team of professionals is medically skilled in lice treatment care. They know how to approach patient care in any sort of infestation. In our lice treatment Riverside is blessed with a professional team that can bring a smile to your family’s faces by complete removal of all of the lice and their eggs from their hair to bring things back to normal again.

Our Treatment Tools

Our range of technological tools for solving lice problems includes our signature AirAllé® treatment device with two treatment options and our home-based DIY treatment.

With the AirAllé® complete treatment, we use a three-step process to dehydrate and kill every last lice and egg in the patient’s hair, followed by combing out of the lice and eggs. Finally, we apply a soothing topical rinse to help restore your hair and scalp.

The AirAllé® express treatment includes the dehydration and killing step while we provide everything you’ll need to do the next two steps at home.

Our DIY treatment is an inexpensive alternative to the AirAllé®. It is guaranteed to work to eliminate all lice and eggs in the patient’s hair once the 10-day process is carried through.

These treatments are safe and effective and are a total solution to lice problems for your family.

Come Visit Our Clinic

Meet the team at our Temecula clinic today. Whether it’s your kids or adults in the family who need lice treatment, you’ll receive the best of care that will leave you smiling and glad to have completely resolved the problem. For residents of Riverside lice treatment in our Temecula clinic is the easy solution.


We provide safe head lice solutions to clients throughout the area in the following zip codes: 92530, 92532, 92548, 92562, 92563, 92584, 92585, 92586, 92587, 92590, 92591, 92592, 92595, 92596.