AirAlle lice treatment device in use

AirAllé: A Quick & Easy Solution For Effective Lice Treatment

The story of the AirAllé device started with a scientist, pigeons, and a problem. Dr. Dale Clayton was conducting studies on pigeon-infesting lice at the University of Utah. But, he ran into a puzzling situation. He found that it was difficult to keep the lice alive in the lab, whereas the lice had flourished in his lab in England.

After some discussion with his colleagues, they recommended installing humidifiers in the new lab to keep the lice alive. It turned out to work, and he was able to carry on with his research. He knew scientifically, then, that lice cannot survive in arid conditions.

Coincidentally, around the same time, his children came down with a case of head lice. When traditional chemical treatments failed to resolve his kids’ lice problem, Dr. Dale put two and two together. He began working to develop a device that uses controlled dry heat to eradicate lice.

Several Years of Work Toward Perfection

It took several years for the doctor to design a device that could eliminate lice reliably. He needed to find a balance between heat application and air flow that kills the lice without causing discomfort for the patient. He kept at it and developed a series of prototypes that worked better and better at eliminating lice comfortably.

With his prototypes showing much promise in the eradication of lice, Dr. Clayton published the results in the journal Pediatrics. There was an immediate and electric response to the piece, making it clear that interest was strong for such a device. People had a compelling need to resolve lice infestations without applying harsh chemicals that were bothersome and ineffective. The doctor was onto something.

He formed the company Larada Sciences, Inc, aiming to establish the developing lice-fighting design as a product on the market. From there, the story of the tremendous success of the AirAllé device came to fruition.

The scientists experimented with several ideas until they hit upon the perfect design. Through the construction of their series of prototypes, the team devised the optimal combination of powerful jets of heated air, the most effective angle of application, and a long enough duration of airflow to produce a device with the maximum effect against lice.

A Perfect Treatment with the Ideal Device

Today’s finished product is the AirAllé, an FDA-approved device that is our 99% effective treatment tool for head lice. We’ve perfected the technique to perform the most effective treatment every time. With established methods to eradicate lice from our clients’ hair, our clinics are the best answer for any case of head lice.

Since the inception of the AirAllé, our network of clinics has grown considerably. People are getting into the know that going to Lice Clinics of America is the surefire way to get rid of lice for good. When people with lice come into our clinics, it’s a relief for them to have a positive treatment solution that is guaranteed to work.

You only need one treatment with the AirAllé for a total resolution of head lice. It makes a recovery so much more comfortable than using toxic, complicated shampoos. Our clinicians are trained to make the experience pleasant, and you’ll go home happy that lice are a thing of the past. Call your local clinic and arrange an appointment today.