As a parent, seeing your children out on the sports field supporting their team gives you a feeling of pride. Their effort on the field in support of their team builds their character. But, with the bumps and bruises that can also happen out on the field, you may question whether sports are doing good for your kids. Everything is relative, but here are some of the most significant benefits kids gain from sports:

Playing Sports Gets Kids Active

These days, getting kids away from their phones and video games isn’t always an easy prospect. Their enthusiasm for electronic devices and video games isn’t equaled when compared to doing chores or their homework.

But, sports being the fun, energizing activities that they are, kids tend to respond well to the idea of playing a game with their peers. Building outlets outside of video games is healthy for them, and it can encourage them to seek positive things in every aspect of their lives.

Sports Instill Good Qualities in Kids

Playing sports builds character in your kids. They learn about teamwork, dedication, and pursuing goals. The natural leaders emerge and develop their skills, and kids learn how to work together to achieve common goals. The fun of playing sports helps kids become more outgoing and confident as they work together alongside their peers.

Sports are a Good Outlet for Stress for Kids

Let’s face it: the world is a stressful place. And, this is true for kids, too. We all need an outlet to get out the angst of the average day. On the field, working out the stressors of life can help them be at ease.

Kids Who Play Sports Together Build Strong, Healthy Relationships

When kids work together at a common goal, they build bonds with their teammates that can last through their whole lifetime. Few other situations have the same innate team-building and relationship-building qualities. Kids who play together get to know one another and the cooperation in sports activities can build the same spirit in everything they do with their sports friends.

Playing Sports Gets Kids Outdoors

Remember the days when every neighborhood had its gang of kids running around, riding their bicycles, playing basketball, tag, or follow the leader? For most blocks, those days are long gone, but one thing that helps to bring back that old spirit is playing sports.

When kids play sports in school, they’re more likely to play when they’re at home, too. Kids playing a game outside can draw other kids out of the house to play, and the positive impact on your neighborhood is palpable.

Sports Are Great for Kids, But Watch Out for Lice!

Encouraging your kids to get involved with sports is a great thing. And, so is following these tips to help them avoid getting head lice:

  • Tell kids to avoid sharing equipment like hats, towels, or jackets.
  • Ensure your kid has their own locker, not one shared with another kid.
  • Encourage your kids not to throw their belongings in a pile with everyone else’s. Putting them in their own space prevents lice.
  • Tell your kids to avoid direct head-to-head contact with other kids.
  • Stay vigilant and pay attention to your kid’s hair. Watch for signs and symptoms of head lice so you can catch them early.