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warning of lice

A Step-By-Step Guide to Checking For Lice

Lice. Nobody wants to have lice. Nobody wants their children…
April 11, 2017/by lcakelli
can dogs get lice?

Can You Get Head Lice From Your Dog?

So much hair. Completely covered in hair and so many breeds…
April 11, 2017/by lcakelli
hang head in shame

How to Distinguish Head Lice From Dandruff

Tiny things are hard to see...because they are tiny. Without…
April 11, 2017/by lcakelli
hair dye for lice treatment

Does Hair Dye Kill Lice? We Investigate.

Need a new hair style? Have Lice? Why not kill two birds…
March 29, 2017/by lcakelli
where do lice come from?

Lice Symptoms – Do You Have Lice?

How many times a day do you have an itch? If you are like…
March 23, 2017/by lcakelli
girl getting checked for head lice

How Do You Get Lice?  Common and Not-So-Common Ways

We fear what we can’t see. No one observes themselves getting…
March 23, 2017/by lcakelli
DIY Lice treatment

Home Remedies for Lice – Why They are a Waste of Time

Doesn’t it feel good to handle something yourself? Everybody…
March 23, 2017/by lcakelli
where do lice come from

Where do lice come from?

Nooooooo!! Your head is itchy and the itch won’t go away. It…
March 2, 2017/by lcakelli
Smiling mom and daughter since they're lice free

Can Black People Get Head Lice?

Have you started itching and wondered to yourself, "Can black…
March 2, 2017/by lcakelli
Microscopic view of a louse

Worried about super lice? Don’t be

There have been some stories published about lice that are resistant…
February 16, 2017/by lcakelli

Cleaning House After Head Lice – It’s Easier Than You Think

You might panic. Cleaning house after head lice can be stressful…
February 16, 2017/by lcakelli
Head Lice Myths

Top 20 Myths About Head Lice – Debunked!

The treatment of head lice can be stressful for both parents…
February 7, 2017/by lcakelli