Lake Elsinore

Welcome to our Temecula Lice Treatment clinic now serving Lake Elsinore.

At Lice Clinics of America, we have a long-proven track record for the total elimination of lice and their eggs from our patients’ hair. We’ve served over 950,000 patients with complete removal of lice, including with the most severe infestations. With our lice treatment Lake Elsinore has a nearby and comprehensive solution to any lice infestation, no matter how acute.

Long hair is not a problem with our treatment system with the AirAllé® device. You can keep your hair and get rid of the lice, too. The AirAllé® uses heat treatment to kill all of the lice and their eggs in the patient’s hair, followed up with combing out of the dead lice and eggs. Finally, we apply a soothing topical rinse to help bring your scalp and hair back to comfort.

Plus, we offer re-treatment for free in the unlikely event of a failure to thoroughly eliminate lice. When you use our clinic, you have a guarantee that your lice problems will be over with for good.

We also offer an inexpensive DIY home hair treatment package with detailed instructions on eliminating lice. This treatment takes ten days to complete. We guarantee that this treatment will entirely eliminate your lice problem when used as directed.

Our caring team of lice treatment technicians is fully trained on the use of the AirAllé® device both in our express treatment and our complete treatment. We’ve proven the efficacy of our treatments time and again, and our team is fully knowledgeable about every aspect of lice infestation and carrying out treatments in every unique case.

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For lice treatment Lake Elsinore has an ally in our Lice Clinics of America Temecula location. Offering remedies that are simple to carry out and effective to totally eliminate lice, we’re the go-to solution for lice elimination in the Lake Elsinore area. Come see the difference with Lice Clinics of America.