Lice can affect anyone, even the most hygiene-conscious people. From children to teenagers to adults, all are susceptible to lice infestation. If you suspect that you or your children may have lice, you should know that over-the-counter treatments are very ineffective. But, with our lice removal services, we guarantee total elimination of any infestation.

For lice treatment Murrieta has a gem in their local Lice Clinics of America clinic.

Our medically trained professionals are skilled in lice removal care, and our equipment is the most advanced available. Our patented, medical-grade equipment, the AirAllé®, can squash your lice problem for good in one treatment session.

The AirAllé® uses warm air guided by microprocessors to dehydrate and kill the lice and their eggs in the hair of our patients. The process is entirely pain-free, and it is the most effective lice elimination tool in the world.

exclusive provider of our FDA-cleared technology

We offer three treatment options, from the full Signature AirAllé® Treatment, to the Express AirAllé® Treatment, or our DIY at home treatment. Each of these treatments is guaranteed to work. You can leave the whole process in the hands of our professionals with the Signature treatment, or you can do some of the steps on your own with our Express or DIY treatments.

When you come in to our Murrieta clinic, you’re entering a comfortable place where the total care and elimination of your lice problem is guaranteed. In our clinics for lice treatment Murrieta residents have access to the most premier facilities and procedures available.

We welcome you to meet the team today at our Murrieta clinic and get familiar with our state of the art facilities. Whether you or your children need our care, you’ll leave our clinic smiling knowing that your lice problem is gone for good. We are the sure, quick solution.